Professional Facial Blackhead Remover Tweezers

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Professional accurate acne treatment tools:

to solve most of your skin problems. including: acne. blackheads. whiteheads. pimples and pimples.Great for men and women. young and old!

The comedone extractor tweezers is made of high quality stainless steel. the same material used in scalpels. and is suitable for all skin types. including sensitive skin. Rust-proof. corrosion-resistant. easy to clean. and can be used for life.

How to use a blackhead removal tool :

Wipe with alcohol before and after every use. and always remember be gentle!

Step 1:Clean face with warm water. and hold a warm face cloth to the area for a few seconds to open up the pores.

Step 2:Gently press down on one side of the blackhead. move the tool across the top. you should be use the tiny pressure when forces the blockage out

Step 3:Clean your skin again. then apply toner and moisturizer.

Step 4:wash hands thoroughly with soap and warm water. then use medical grade alcohol pads to clean all required tools