Car LED Strobe Lights ⚡✨✨

Specification:  4pcs
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No need to worry about the police!
Our lights are available in 7 colors and can be set to blink or stay on.

We designed these lights for off-road use, like many lights designed for cars.
It is not recommended that you use red and blue lights on the street.

Enjoy the convenient bright lights of our Multi-Use LED Strobe Light Protector.

High-brightness wick: High-quality high-brightness multi-color wicks are used. with white light. red light. green light. etc.. each kind of light has a better effect.
You can use the LED Strobe Light Protector for much more! Whether you're camping. fishing. biking. driving. flying drones. or doing anything at night. this Strobe Light will be there to shine the light!
Equipped with remote controller/built-in battery. long battery life: remote 2.4G wireless control. which is more convenient. Micro USB charging socket. matching charging cable. convenient charging; built-in 350mAh/3.7V battery. 16 hours of slow flash use. 10 hours of fast flash use. and 2 hours of constant light use.

Deep waterproof: No fear of rain. the strobe light is deeply waterproof. it can also be used in rain. but it cannot be immersed in water. Non-destructive installation. The sticker can be attached to a flat surface or fixed with a rubber ring.

Light up the night with our Multi-Use LED Strobe Light Protector and order yours today!